Soaring as the Eagle:

Through the example of the eagle,we can take courage in our times of despair and know that God is able to lift our souls, many times using those who have once been depressed in the valley to feed and strengthen us.This detailed study will open your eyes to God's good intentions for you through discipline He sometimes sends our way. Just as the eagle, find your ROCK, set yourself there, know your source; fly higher, straighter and more secure than ever before, then...SOAR!

(comments by Sandy Knight)
- Book/Journal - $10.00 each

- 2CD Teaching - $15.00

To BEE or Not To BEE:

Take a stunning, up-close journey into the fascinating world of honeybees!
This Study Guide and Journal takes a little-known look into daily life within the hive, as these little creatures clearly demonstrate to the Body of Christ how to live and work together in productive harmony. This teaching demonstrates how Christians, just like the bees who make honey, can sweeten the world around them. "To BEE or Not to BEE" Study Guide is ideal for individual or group Bible Studies, Sunday School, and Women's or Men's Groups. What a great retreat topics!

- Study Guide/Journal - $10.00 each

- Teaching CD - $12.00

"To BEE or Not To BEE" Children's Curriculum

It can be used as a 15 lesson children's church, Sunday School, or one week program for ages 5-12. It contains five lessons which include puppet skits with the zany honeybee, BEEthovan, games, craft patterns, instructions, snack ideas, t-shirts transfers, coloring sheets, Bible stories, Nature stories, and more! Your children can learn valuable lessons from the honeybee about what it means to be a member of the Body of Christ, and the importance of learning to live and work in harmony.

- Price - $100.00

What Makes It Rain?

Have you ever wondered why it will be raining at your neighbor’s house and not yours? In this teaching you’ll learn why that happens and how you can receive showers of blessings!

- Cassette - $5.00

- CD - $10.00